Many Baltimore metro residents are interested in learning how to drive but are confused about the Maryland MVA driving test. To help ease our driving student's worries, Elite Driving School has gathered together the key information needed regarding the requirements of taking the test.

What is the Maryland MVA Driving Test?

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) driving test is a driver's license test all people living in Maryland have to take to receive their noncommercial or commercial Maryland driver's license. People who have their permit but have never taken the driving test before, or people who have received their driver's license but allowed it to be expired longer than 1 year without renewing it must take the Maryland MVA driving test.

What are the Requirements for People Who Have a Driver's License From Another State or Country?

People who have a valid driver's license from another state will not be required to take the skills test, although we suggest people obtain a refresher course at our Elite Driving School to improve their driving skills if they haven't been behind the wheel of a vehicle for several years.

A person from another country such as Canada, France, The Republic of China (Taiwan), the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of South Korea, or from one of the U.S territories does not have to retake the Maryland MVA driving test so long as they have a valid driver's license or an license that isn't expired longer than one year. The Maryland MVA driving test is given only in the English language.

How Are Driving Tests Arranged?

It is recommended that a person makes an appointment to schedule their MVA driving test so our Elite Driving School Instructor can be there as the licensed supervised driver, although walk-in skills tests are available. There is no fee for the driving test so long as the person has a valid learner's permit. They will need to have the vehicle they will be driving for the test, a valid learner's permit or current license, and anything they need to drive with such as their eyeglasses or contact lenses.

First-time drivers will also be required to bring their certificate showing that they completed the approved Maryland driver's education course as well as their Rookie Driver Skills Log and Practice guide. No other out-of-state driver's certificates will be accepted. In addition, they will need to have 3-Hour Alcohol and Drug Education Program certificate if they were required to enroll in such a program.

What Happens When a Person Fails the Test?

A person may retake the skills test if they fail the first time. They will have to return the next day to take the test or the next scheduled appointment time. If they fail the test again, they will have to wait for one full week (7 days) before retaking the test.

They may continue to re-take the test but will have to wait the full week. If the learner's permit expires before the person passes the test, they will have to get a new learner's permit and pay all subsequent fees.