Maryland MVA Practice Test

The following MVA practice tests are designed to help you get ready for the tests that you will need to pass in order to obtain a maryland learners permit. Be aware that half of all future drivers do not pass this test the first time, so make sure you study the Maryland Driver's Manual.

You can take the actual test at any of the 16 MVA branches, but you can only take the test your first time on a Saturday.

There are 2 sample tests supplied by the MVA with their links below. they both contain 25 questions, like the actual test. One is untimed to you can get comfortable with the format, and the other one is timed to the 15 minutes, which is what you are allowed with the real test.

Anyone can take these practice tests at any time, whether you are preparing for your Maryland learners permit, helping your child get ready or just want a refresher to make sure you still know your stuff and to update yourself to any changes in the laws.

Untimed Practice Test Timed Practice Test

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