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Not all driving schools are the same

As a future driver or parent of a future driver, you understand just how important it is to find a driving school that is safe, uses MVA-certified instructors, and offers relevant classes. While there are a lot of different driving schools out there, none are as equipped to educate and protect you as Elite Driving School is. Elite Driving School has been operating for the past 23 years with the same mission: to provide our students with the best possible chance for staying safe on the roads.

Elite Driving School was founded in 1991 by Ron Biederman, with the goal of establishing a higher level for driver education in the Owings Mills area. With dedication and compassion, Elite Driving School set a new standard for other schools in the area. Although Mr. Biederman is no longer with us, his desire to make our new drivers safer lives on.

In 1996 Elite Driving School was purchased by David Resnick. His renewed vigor and enthusiasm helped Elite to continue its educational excellence. Elite is an active member of the community, supporting our students as well as other local businesses in the Owings Mills area. Our continued support of high school newspapers, sports teams, yearbooks and project safe post-prom parties has helped our youth stay competitive and safe.

AAA-Approved Driving School

Elite Driving School is one of the few AAA-Approved Driving Schools in the country. At Elite, we are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive instruction available, combined with an unmatched level of personalized attention. By utilizing the most up-to-date textbooks and videos, we guarantee each student receives the information necessary to become a safe driver. Students are instructed in the correct mechanical aspects of operating a motor vehicle, and are made aware of the responsibilities they assume when they obtain a drivers license.

In our classes we explore such topics as the effects of emotions, attitudes and peer pressure on driving. We also address legal and financial concerns, as well as the deadly effects of alcohol and other drugs on motorists.

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 12 pm to 6:30 pm. By maintaining fixed office hours and a dedicated office staff, we are able to offer our students the best possible customer service. We offer three 2-hour lessons, all of which are one-on-one with just the instructor and the student.

At Elite, we allow you up to one year to finish the program. We do recommend students have at least one to two hours of practice in a parking lot before their first lesson. We look forward to working with you. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a lesson. Safe Driving!

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