Having a valid driver's license is a very important aspect of your life. However, sometimes certain things or choices can hinder this. When this happens you may find yourself needing some extra support to aid in improving your driving aptitude. The state of Maryland has provided just such support for individuals who have ran into difficulties with maintaining their valid driver's license. Taking advantage of this support can get you back on the road and living a life of independence again.

The Maryland Driver Improvement Program

This program was established by the State of Maryland to provide driving instruction to individuals who have shown poor driving aptitude which has resulted in legal action or points against their driver's license. This four to six hour course provides rehabilitation for drivers in need of extra support.

Who is assigned to Driver Rehabilitation?

Driver rehabilitation is different than traditional driving instruction. Driving instruction is intended to assist individuals who are preparing to take their driving tests. Driving rehabilitation, however, is intended for individuals who have already obtained a driver's license, but have encountered problems which could result in the loss of their license. Here is a list of reasons why you may be assigned to driver rehabilitation.

  • You were referred by a Judge
  • You accumulated 5-7 points on your driving record
  • You were convicted or granted probation of a moving violation

What to Expect

If it becomes necessary for you attend driver rehabilitation like the Maryland Driver Improvement Program, you will first receive a letter through the mail from the MVA. This letter will give you detailed instructions plus it will give you a list of Driver Improvement Program providers in your area. It will be your responsibility to contact on the Driver Improvement Program providers in order to collect information concerning locations, dates, times and fees for the necessary classes.

What Should I Do?

Once you have registered with a Driver Improvement Program provider it will be your responsibility to attend all classes required for the program. It is also your responsibility to pay any fees associated with the classes. It is very important that you keep your referral letter and bring it with you to the designated class. It is also imperative that you complete the Driver Improvement Program by the date indicated on your referral letter. When you have completed the Driver Improvement Program you will receive a certificate of completion. Keep this certificate for your own private records. The Driver Improvement Program will notify the MVA on your behalf to inform them that you have completed the required course.

If You Can't Attend

You find that you cannot attend your class on the designated date, you will be required to contact the MVA with a legitimate reason for your inability to attend. If the explanation is found to be acceptable you will be allowed to reschedule your class time so that you may complete the course.