What is Maryland Defensive Driving?

What is Maryland Defensive Driving?

If you're a driver, you know first hand how important it is to be safe on the roadways. And whether you're being safe or not, there's always a driver out there who isn't paying attention or makes some type of driving mistake. Sometimes, you might even find that it's you who makes the mistake. Thankfully, though, through Maryland defensive driving, everyone can be safer.

What exactly is defensive driving?

Defensive driving is a bit different than simply being safe while driving. Maryland defensive driving is a two-way street: it involves thinking ahead and anticipating what may or may not happen while driving, while at the same time preparing yourself for the appropriate actions to take in the event that you need to avoid danger. The most successful way to carry out defensive driving is to always keep your attention focused on the road and plan ahead.

How can you master defensive driving?

Defensive driving comes through practice. To help increase your effectiveness at defensive driving, there are courses that you can take. Maryland defensive driving courses are offered at your convenience, meaning you can take them in an actual classroom setting or via the Internet.

What are the benefits of taking a Maryland defensive driving course?

There are many reasons to complete a defensive driving course. In the state of Maryland, there are many auto insurance providers that will provide you with a discounted insurance rate once you provide proof that you have successfully completed a defensive driving course. You could save a whopping 10% each month on your insurance premiums.

Another excellent reason, and the most important, to take the course is that it will make you a better driver, which means better safety for everyone on the road. You will improve your ability to anticipate accidents and avoid them all at the same time.

In some instances, you may be able to use the completion of a defensive driving course as a way to get a ticket dismissed in court; this depends on the judge of your case.

What are a few top tips for defensive driving?

First and foremost, defensive driving requires that you look ahead at the road you are traveling on as well as take note to your surroundings. When you're crossing an intersection, make sure you double-check each lane of traffic that you will be crossing. If it looks as if another vehicle will be crossing your path, then wait until that particular vehicle clears your lane of travel.

Always take special precaution when traveling near school buses. These buses are usually carrying children and you want to be extra careful around them. Also, exercise additional precaution when crossing paths with a mail truck. These vehicles tend to make sudden stops.

Effective defensive driving should be learned by everyone, and although not everyone will take the time to complete a defensive driving course, you should try your best to. You'll quickly see that a defensive learning course makes you a better driver.

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