Top Reasons Students Fail
Their Maryland Driving Test

Top Reasons Students Fail
Their Maryland Driving Test

Getting your driver's license is an exciting milestone. However, in order to do this, you must first pass a written and practical driving test. For many, just the word test can bring about feelings of anxiety, and this can contribute to mistakes during the driving portion of the test. The key to passing your Maryland Driver's test is to practice and study so that you know the information back and forth and that driving properly and safely becomes second nature.

In today's blog post, we are going to discuss some of the top reasons that students fail their Maryland driving test and how you can avoid making these same missteps. Read on to learn more, and if you or your teenager is preparing for the Maryland state driver's exam and road test, Elite Driving School can help. We offer driver's education courses, private lessons, and additional driving classes to help you prepare to crush your driving test the first time around. Schedule a class today.

Rolling Stops

We understand that taking the driver's test typically makes students nervous and that may result in the student wanting to rush to get the test completed. However, no matter how nervous you are, you must ensure that you are stopping all the way at stop signs and only preceding when the way is clear and you have the right of way.

Improper Lane Changes

Once you get the hang of lane changes, they are pretty simple, but there is a lot to keep in mind to do one correctly and safely. Don't forget to use your turn signal, check over your shoulder, and use your mirrors.

Not Fully Understanding Four-Way Stops

One of the more difficult things for many students to learn is understanding right of way laws and when it is their turn to go at a four-way stop. It can be difficult for students to trust that other drivers are going to allow them to take their turn. Just remember that right of way laws are like the rules of the road. Other drivers are aware of them and while you will occasionally have someone else go out of turn, it is typically safe to wait your turn and go.

Driving Too Fast

We get it. You want this driving test to be over with as soon as possible and you want to prove your confidence to your instructor. However, driving over the speed limit is a sure way to fail your Maryland driving test. Make sure that you know what the speed limit is and that you do not exceed it.

Driving Too Slow

Just as driving too fast is a quick way to fail your driving test, driving too slow isn't much better. Driving too slow shows your driving instructor that you are not confident in your driving skills or that you don't know the speed limit. It can also be dangerous in some situations, especially on the highway.

Following Another Vehicle Too Closely

Depending on the time of day and area that you take your driving test in, it is likely that there will be other cars on the road. Since it's the instructors main priority to ensure that you will be a safe driver if issued your driver's license, it's essential that when you're around other vehicles you do not follow them too closely. An important part of being a defensive and safe driver is ensuring that there is enough room in between you and the vehicle in front of you to stop if necessary.

Failing to Parallel Park Properly

Parallel parking is one of the tasks that most new drivers are most fearful of performing on the driving test, which can lead to increased anxiety. In order to be as calm and prepared as possible for this part of the test, you should practice parallel parking until you are completely comfortable with it.

Prepare for Your Maryland Driving
Test With Private Driving Lessons

If you or your teenager is preparing for the Maryland driving test, it's essential that you study and practice frequently. At Elite Driving School, we offer driver education classes as well as private driving lessons. The combination of these two driving classes are the key to successfully passing your Maryland driving test the first time.

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