The process of renewing a drivers license can be a complicated one, especially as requirements regarding time and cost differ greatly from one state to the next. Fortunately, the requirements for Maryland drivers license renewal are not nearly as difficult as those typically encountered by drivers in other states. The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) seeks to streamline an otherwise clumsy process with the assistance of early notifications and online access to renewal documentation.

Renewal Notification

Drivers often worry that they will face license expiration after forgetting or not being properly notified of the already determined license expiration date. Although this date is listed on each license, the current phase-in of a longer renewal period has created some confusion regarding the correct time for renewal. Fortunately, drivers receive ample clarification from the MVA in the form of renewal notices. The MVA is required by law to send these notifications at least 60 days prior to license expiration.

Methods For Renewing A Drivers License In Maryland

Maryland drivers are fortunate in that they often are able to escape the burden of sitting in line at local Department of Motor Vehicles offices. Eager to make drivers license renewal more accessible to busy residents, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration now allows drivers a wide range of renewal options. These include renewing licenses by mail, online or at self-serve kiosks. Drivers under the age of forty are actually required to utilize one of the aforementioned renewal methods instead of speaking with employees at MVA offices. However, those over the age of forty (and younger drivers facing unique circumstances) may be able to complete the license renewal process in person.

Maryland Drivers License Renewal Timeline

Not only do Maryland residents benefit from a surprisingly flexible drivers license renewal system, they are not required to renew their licenses as often as in other states. After the age of 21, a license is valid for a maximum of 8 years. The MVA is currently in the midst of a phase-in period for its renewal timeline, meaning that, for some residents, renewal may be required after 5 or 6 years, During this phase-in period, the number of years required before renewal will be computer generated, with the associated fees graduating depending on how long drivers have been asked to wait for renewal. Eventually, all drivers over the age of 21 will be allowed to wait the full 8 years before renewing their licenses.

Renewing An Expired License

If a drivers license has been expired by over a year, it cannot be renewed until the individual with the expired license has taken and passed an approved test. The test for drivers with expired licenses is exactly the same as that required of new drivers. It includes both a knowledge test and a skills test, both of which must be passed in order for an expired license to be officially renewed. These tests are intended to determine whether the driver (whether new or returned) is capable of safely operating a motor vehicle. If, in spite of passing both tests, a license is not reissued within six months, the tests must be retaken.