Maryland Car Service Options to Avoid Drinking and Driving

Maryland Car Service Options
to Avoid Drinking and Driving

There have been recent important technological advancements to prevent drinking and driving. One of the most important of these advancements is designated driver services. These services exist to give drunk people a safe and reliable option to make sure that they get a safe ride to their destination. There are several benefits of that come with choosing a Maryland car service. These include:

* Reduced drinking and driving on streets
* Reduced accidents as a result of drunk driving
* Reduced fatalities as a result of drinking and driving
* Reduced arrest rate for DWI and DUI

You have several options to choose from for a Maryland Car Service.


Uber's service when used on a cell phone with GPS capabilities can pinpoint your location. This is helpful, as when you're drunk, you may not know exactly where you are. When you make your order, it communicates the price and options to you in clear language to avoid confusion. You can even pay without cash! If you are riding with someone else, you can split the fare to avoid confusion.

As an extra bonus, Uber allows you to choose the type of car you want. This can include a taxi-style, an SUV, a luxury car, and more.

Charm City DD

Charm City DD is nice, as it allows people to get a membership to its services that carries a wide variety of benefits. Benefits include a 20% discount, advance reservation for a ride, no black out dates or times, and more. Charm City DD also has a service that allows you to rent one of their drivers as a valet or on-site driver. Members enjoy a discounted price and a lower minimum time. It's a good service if you need to usher people around. If you're worried about leaving your car behind, don't be. Charm City DD allows you to rent the services of one of their drivers to drive your car around with you and your friends in tow. If you're worried about leaving your car vulnerable to damage or theft, it is a worthwhile service.


Lyft does the GPS model, and allows you to view the driver's progress as he or she approaches. The company uses pink mustache designs on its vehicles to help you identify them. A great feature if you're feeling a bit tipsy after a night of drinking! Like other services, you can pay with a credit card. You and your driver can also rate each other; if you rate your driver three stars or lower, you won't have to get a ride from them again. This helps to create a pleasant driving experience.

Safe-T-Ride USA

As opposed to other designated driver services, Safe-T-Ride USA is a preemptive service. The model has you fill out a form listing your payment method, where you will be, your destination, your name, and your phone number. This service also advertises its services for people who just got out of the hospital or a dentist appointment. Driving after one of those can be just as dangerous as drinking and driving, after all.

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