Driving is a privilege that should never be taken for granted. If you do, you very well might find yourself facing large fines and penalties, as well as the possible outcome of losing your driver's license. Fortunately, in the state of Maryland, if you commit some type of major moving violation, a judge may grant you the opportunity to complete traffic school to either have your offense dismissed or reduced. And even if a dismissal or reduction in your offense cannot be obtained, a judge still may require that you complete traffic school as part of your sentencing.

If you have found yourself in the unfortunate situation of obtaining a major moving violation, you should always ask your judge if you can complete traffic school to have the offense dismissed or reduced. If granted permission, Elite Driving School is here to meet any and all of your traffic school needs. We offer a wide rage of comprehensive traffic school courses, meaning regardless of your traffic violation, we likely have a class that you can take advantage of.

DUI Classes

Did you get a bit too tipsy before you left the bar last Friday, only to then be arrested for DUI? Or perhaps you left your cousin's house after having only two beers and went through a roadblock on the way home and got arrested for DUI? No matter your reason for getting a DUI, you need to understand the severe consequences that this type of charge can have on your future. From loss of employment to hefty penalties to loss of driving privileges, a DUI is not something that you want on your record.

At Elite Driving School, we offer DUI education classes year round. When you go in front of a judge to address your DUI charge, make sure you ask about possibly getting the charge lowered or dismissed if you complete traffic school. Hopefully, the judge will grant your request. If not, you'll still most likely be required to complete traffic school. Whatever the judge decides, we are here to meet your DUI traffic school needs.

Speeding Ticket Classes

Most speeding tickets are considered minor moving violations, but then again, it depends on how much over the speed limit you were going. In fact, if you get a speeding ticket for going an excessive amount over the speed limit, you may wind up with a reckless driving charge, which can reap you consequences as severe as a DUI conviction. Fortunately, many speeding ticket violations, as well as reckless driving charges, can usually be reduced or dismissed if you agree to attend and complete traffic school.

Hit and Run Classes

Did you find yourself involved in an accident and you made the wrong choice by driving away from the accident? If so, this is considered to be a hit and run, and in the state of Maryland, the consequences can be quite detrimental. From hefty fines to possibly having to spend time behind bars and losing your driving privileges, the penalties can add up very quickly. Many times, though, if you don't have any other major moving violations, a judge will reduce the charge if you choose to go through traffic school, so make sure you ask for permission to do so from your judge.

Additional Types of Major Moving Violations

There are many other types of major moving violations, including driving with a suspended license. If you have found yourself facing major moving charges, make sure you do all you can to have them dismissed or reduced, and a great way to do this is by taking courses through Elite Driving School.