According to CNW Marketing Research, 57,000 new and used vehicles were gifted at Christmas in 2010, a number only expected to increase now that we are coming out of the recession. What kind of cars are at the top of the list of the most popular Christmas cars? The most popular cars that end up with a Christmas bow come from the luxury market to include Lexus, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti. However, thanks to the Happy Honda Days campaign, America's most popular commuter car has become a crowd pleaser for Christmas gifting. How do people afford such a high-priced gift? Thanks to year-end bonuses, individuals are more capable of placing a down payment on new cars for Christmas, or paying outright for a used car. While saving for the entire purchase price of a vehicle may be difficult for some, there is always the option of taking out a loan and making payments for the gift.

Lexus Brand by Toyota

Back in 2000, Lexus struck a chord with their "December to Remember" campaign. Featuring their iconic big red bow on a Lexus sitting in the snow, this campaign granted Lexus their best sales month to date. Since 2000 this luxury brand has seen a spike in sales in December at an average of 14 percent each year. The "December to Remember" campaign has since ceased in the last 14 years, but the signature red bows are still available for those who plan on parking a Lexus in their driveway for a gift to be remembered.

BMW's Happier Holiday Sales Event

BMW has been a top contender for popular cars gifted at Christmas for a decade now. However, their marketing efforts continue to wow shoppers. For 2014, the BMW Happier Holiday Event will start on Black Friday. Car shoppers receive gift cards and goodies for checking out the showroom offerings during Black Friday weekend. As for deals, everything from down payments to leases include rock bottom savings, such as $10,000 off MSRP on certain models and a $4,000 holiday credit from BMW. Note that each BMW sales location varies in their Happier Holiday Sales offerings.

Mercedes-Benz Winter Event

Expanding their tag line from "I've been needing a new one of these," the Mercedes-Benz team now features an expansive Winter Event. Look to purchase the top Benz models, which include C-Sedan, M-Class, or E-Sedans, at greatly discounted prices throughout the winter season. Seasonal offers include the $2,000 Winter Event Bonus. This makes for easier Christmas gift buying for those interested in surprising their special someone with one of these luxurious sedans. If you are interested in taking the leased Benz route, then you'll appreciate the low priced leasing during the Winter Event, such as $329/month for a 2014 CLA250 Coupe or $349/month for a 2014 CLA250 Coupe 4MATIC®.

Unwrap a Jaguar Sales Event

Looking to add a Jaguar to a holiday wish list for a loved one? Thanks to the variety of offers from new, certified pre-owned or leased Jaguars you can make the most of your holiday gift giving with one of the most popular Christmas cars. Several of the 2015 models are available for low lease prices starting at $479/month. Plus, you can score a 1.9% APR financing for several 2015 models including the XF, XJ, XK and F-Type during the Unwrap a Jaguar sales event.

Happy Honda Days

Featuring Grammy Award winning songwriter and singer Michael Bolton as the spokesperson and ringleader for the 2014 Happy Honda Days campaign, this year's event is set to be extraordinary. As the most affordable and most commonly purchased car on this Christmas car buying list, most recipients stand a greater chance of getting a Honda with a big red bow than any other automobile. The best sales offers for cars for Christmas include leases on 2014 models for as low as $149/month, as well as 0.9% financing for several 2014 models.