5 Most Dangerous Holidays For Drivers

5 Most Dangerous Holidays For Drivers

With over 90 million American's traveling during the holidays there is a significant amount of wrecks and injuries. Most people would think that New Year's Eve would be the most dangerous holiday to be on the roads. However, surprisingly enough it is not. The most dangerous holiday for drivers is currently Thanksgiving Day. There are more wrecks and fatalities on this holiday than any others and it is believed to be because of a number of different factors. Many people are only off work on Thanksgiving Day, so people are rushing to get to where they are going as well as back home so they can get to work the next morning. This contributes to more traffic on the road all day and night so drivers are more tired as well as aggravated about the slow moving traffic.

Fourth of July and New Years have a significant amount of wrecks due to drinking and driving. Although DUI's are a problem year round, on these two holidays wrecks caused by drinking increase by almost 50%. Both of these holidays are a favorite because people like to cut loose and party, so a lot of people are drinking and driving.

However, although you would think that weather contributes to many wrecks most people actually choose to travel the least if the weather is bad. Actually, if the weather is sunny and nice statistics show that more people are injured or killed in wrecks.

Memorial Day is considered the beginning of summer for many people so there are a lot of people headed to the lake to celebrate this holiday. And most people have a three day weekend, so the increase of driving drunk increases significantly by almost half of what it was the previous week. This holiday is celebrated a lot like Fourth of July and New Year's so there is a large amount of aggravated drivers on the road due to the increase of traffic.

Christmas Day has a lot of travelers on the road. However the amount of wrecks and injuries will depend on what day of the week the holiday falls on. For example, if it falls on a Tuesday there will be fewer wrecks, but if it is on a Friday there will be more wrecks. This is because more people will be traveling on the weekends than the weekdays.

Most people are also less likely to drink on Christmas so there is a significantly lower amount of DUI or wrecks caused by drinking. However, Christmas is still highly rated as one of the most dangerous holidays, although not quite as dangerous as others.

Driving during the holidays does not always have to be such a hassle. If you make a plan to leave extra early just in case there is traffic this will keep you from being stressed and rushing to your destination. Don't become a statistic because of being in a rush. A piece of good advice for holiday driving safety is that you don't only have to worry about your driving, but pay close attention to the drivers around you. Most people who are hurt in accidents were actually not the ones who were driving reckless.

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